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Our wedding venue offer Santorini catering services with many Greek Specialties

No Greek restaurant is complete without Saganaki.

The dish is essentially fried cheese, but the description does not do it justice.

First, a slice of rich kefalograviera, a hard cheese made from goat’s milk, is soaked in milk and covered with a light dusting of flour to form a crust when cooking.

After flouring, the cheese is cooked with a touch of olive oil, until golden on both sides and until the cheese has become soft (but not too soft).

The hot pan is quickly brought tableside and drizzled with fresh lemon juice for a sizzling effect and for added flavour.

Often times, instead of lemon, a shot of brandy is poured over the hot pan and set on fire for an explosive display that makes you want to scream, OPA!



Tzatziki is a dip made from strained Greek yogurt, garlic, cucumber and olive oil.

The dish is served with many of our many courses but can also be ordered separately with some pita bread.




Kalamari directly translates to squid. Greek cuisine is rich in seafood and kalamari is a staple of Greek diet, served in a variety of different ways.

Our kalamari is lightly battered with seasoned flour and fried. Frying cooks the squid and adds just the right amount of crunch.

It is served with tzatziki and a slice of lemon.



Our hot appetizer platter gives you a sampling of some of our most popular hot appetizer dishes.

The platter comes with spanakopita, dolamthes, papoutsakia, keftethes and a side of satziki.


Our seafood appetizer platter is a celebration of the Greek’s strong reliance on the see.

The seafood appetizer platter features crisp kalamari, sauteed prawns, fresh scallops and marinated octopus.

Great with a refreshing glass of white wine on a sunny warm day.



A fantastic refreshing dip made from eggplant.

The freshest eggplants are first drizzled with olive oil and seasoned before being slow roasted until they are falling apart.

The soft eggplant is mixed with lemon and olive oil and cooled to give the dish a light refreshing taste



Garithes, or prawns, is another example of the strong reliance on seafood.

Our prawns are sauteed with butter, white wine, garlic and lemon.

This rich and indulgent dish will have you wanting more.



Seafood is a staple of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

A favourite, either as a starter or as a snack with some ouzo, is octopus.

The octopus is slow boiled for several hours to ensure a soft texture. The octopus then sits in a bath of olive oil, lemon and garlic.

Served, chilled it is a nourishing & refreshing starter



Spanakopita is a traditional and well-known Greek dish. The dish stems from two words, ‘Spana’ – meaning spinach and pita.

Although not on our menu, you can also find tyropita (cheese pie) Loukanikopita (sausage pie) and eliopita (olive pie).

All dishes are made using layers of thin phyllo pastry. Our spanakopita are filled with seasoned spinach and feta cheese for a unique and mouthwatering combination.

They are then slow baked until the phyllo is thoroughly cooked, crispy and golden brown.